Don’t Wait for Summer: Get that Glow Today

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Do you love basking in a healthy glow that comes from enjoying the beautiful Miami summer? Do you wish you could achieve that glow even in the spring and winter without spending hours tanning? If so, consider trying a spray tan with the help of Bella Vita. We can find the right glow for your skin, so you can stand out without standing in the sun.

Perfect for Photographs or a Major Event

Do you have a major event coming up that you want to dazzle at? If you’re attending a wedding, fundraiser, or social gathering and want to look amazing, consider coming in for a spray tan to give your skin a healthy glow. With the right tan, you can stand proudly in the photographer’s flash without worrying about getting washed out or looking pale.

Spray tans are also ideal if you have a photography session coming up for engagement photos or professional headshots. They can add a radiant and natural looking glow to your skin that draws people to your face.

Healthier Than Sitting in the Sun

Not only will spray tans offer immediate results, but they’re also healthier and more even than sitting in the sun. The FDA believes that seating in the sun for a prolonged period can cause premature aging and give your skin a worn and leathery look. Not only that, but tanning without sunblock can increase your risk of skin cancer.

Tanning in the sun can also damage your hair and skin. The heat can dry out your hair and make it feel brittle while your skin freckles and tans unevenly. If you tan too much, you could end up attending the event looking red and burnt instead of glowing. We can make sure your tan is even, immediately, and healthy for your skin.

Relax in a Spa Experience

When you choose to get a spray tan, we’ll make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable the entire time. Instead of sweating by the pool, sip a beverage and relax in the air conditioning. Our staff is trained to make your comfort a priority, which means you will leave our salon feeling relaxed and pampered to match your radiant glow. We can also offer suggestions for first-time tanners on treatment, care, and making the most of their color.

If you’re ready to stand out at your next event, or simply want a beautiful glow without the frustration of tanning, make an appointment today to schedule a spray tan appointment.

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