Foods That Will Hydrate Your Hair

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If you’ve ever had dry hair, you know it’s next to impossible to deal with. In addition to promoting frizzies and flyaways, dryness can make your hair look dull and as lifeless as one of the zombies on “The Walking Dead.”

Colder weather can cause dry hair, but swimming in chlorinated water and basking in the sun are the more likely causes here in Miami. As if that wasn’t enough, environmental conditions are not the only culprit behind dry hair — your diet may be sucking the moisture out of your mane as well.

Drink Your way to Softer Locks

No, not that kind of drinking. . .sadly. We mean good, old-fashioned water. If your insides are dry, your hair and skin will reflect that. Water helps deliver heaping doses of oxygen and minerals to your cells, which in turn helps hydrate your hair.

Fishing for Moisture

Fish like salmon and mackerel are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that your body can’t produce on its own. That means you need to get your omega-3s from supplements — such as fish or flaxseed oil — or food. Omega-3s help keep your hair shiny and strong. As a bonus, they also promote hair growth.

Go Nuts

Flaxseed and walnuts are also omega-3 superstars. The omega-3 fatty acids in these types of foods can hydrate your hair and improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture. Try sprinkling these nuts on a salad for a quick and easy fix of omegas.

Protein Isn’t Just for Bodybuilders Anymore

Protein is literally the building block of your hair. When your body doesn’t have enough of these blocks to properly grow your hair, dry and brittle locks are the result. Don’t cheat your body out of must-needed protein — try eating more eggs or adding Greek yogurt to your diet for silkier hair.

The bottom line: soft, moisturized hair is an inside job. No amount of creams, oils, or conditioners can do for your hair what these simple diet tweaks can. If you’d like to talk to a professional stylist about more dry-hair remedies, make an appointment with us.

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