Going for a New Hair Color? Here’s How to Protect Your Hair

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After choosing the perfect color and getting your hair dyed at the salon, you feel like a million bucks. Your hair feels healthy and everyone can’t stop complimenting your new color. But after a few days, you feel like it’s fading. It doesn’t have the same shine that you loved when you left the salon. This could be because you’re not caring for it.

Wash Your Hair Less Often

One of the most basic ways to protect your color is by shampooing it less often. Most experts recommend shampooing two or three times per week, and never more than every other day. Not only will this keep your color strong, but it will also help your scalp. Shampoos can irritate the scalp and wash away natural oils that actually condition your hair. Whether you dye your hair or not, it’s a good idea to use shampoo in moderation.

Invest in Color-Treatment Shampoo

After you color, you should wait at least two days before you shampoo, and when you finally wash your hair, make sure you’re using brands specifically made for dyed hair. These shampoo types work to preserve color and limit the damage caused by regular washing. If you’re doubtful about trying a new shampoo brand, ask your stylist for recommendations about which ones they use.

Turn Down the Water Temperature

In the same way that curlers and straighteners damage hair with their heat, hot water can hurt your hair and make your dye fade faster. Hot water opens up the surface of your hair strands which washes the dye out. This doesn’t mean you have to take cold showers, but you should at least turn down the water to lukewarm when it’s touching your hair. Showering with cold water before your step out of the shower can also reduce frizz, so there are many benefits to reducing the heat when you bathe.

Avoid Outdoor Color Stressors

When you leave the house, there are tons of ways your hair gets damaged. The sun fades the color, and lightens dark shades, while chlorine and salt water can damage or mutate the color. If possible, avoid these stressors by staying in shady areas or covering your head with a hat. When you’re in the pool or ocean, keep your hair in a high bun to reduce contact with the water.

It’s possible to have amazing hair weeks after you dye it, you just have to be proactive in caring for your color and know what makes it fade. Make an appointment today to learn how to better protect your hair.

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