How to Maintain Your Brightest Blonde this Season

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The warm Miami spring is quickly giving way to the hot Florida summer. While beach days with your girlfriends and endless night parties are just a few months away, so are dangerous UV rays, 90-degree afternoons, and faded hair coloring. Fortunately, you can enjoy the warm months without sacrificing your hairdo. Here are three ways to maintain your brightest blonde through August.

Invest in the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

If you want locks that shine through the summer, then a generic shampoo isn’t going to cut it. Summer is a great time to invest in shampoo that will protect the color of your hair, whether you’re a natural blonde looking to improve your highlights or are just trying out this fun hair color.

Redken offers a specific shampoo just for blondes in its Blonde Idol Shampoo and Custom Tone Violet Conditioner. This daily treatment prevents brassiness through a dual chamber release. This product deep conditions and strengthens hair while preserving the coloring so you can look amazing weeks after you leave the salon.

Protect Your Hair from the Great Outdoors

After you get your amazing Instagram pic on the beach, try to keep your hair covered! Whether you’re rocking a visor, hat, or bandana, try to limit your hair’s exposure to the dry air and heat of the sun. This is especially important if you’re playing in the waves or lounging by the pool. The only thing worse for your hair than the sun is the chlorine and salt of summer activities.

When you have been outside, give your hair some TLC. Wash out any chlorine or saltwater and avoid using the blow dryer, straightener, or curler immediately after you shower. Using these devices could cause heat damage that fades your color and makes your hair brittle.

Ask About Hair Moisturizing Spray

If you find that your hair still can’t keep up with the Florida heat, ask one of our specialists to recommend a moisturizing spray. We can suggest a daily treatment for your hair that you spray on before you head outside, locking the moisture and color inside. We make sure to only stock top quality products so we can recommend something that won’t make your hair feel sticky, stiff, or oily when applied.

Before you head out to the beach this summer, make an appointment with us so we can make sure your color lasts. Summer is for shining brightly, not fading into frizz!

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