How To Protect Your Skin From the Never-Ending Miami Sun

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It’s easy to remember skin protection during the summer when the brutal sun pulls most Miami residents inside. But we tend to forget to protect ourselves during the winter months. The sun doesn’t seem as strong, so we’ll step outside and even tan without care.

While it might not seem damaging, this kind of sun exposure can still age your skin and even lead to skin cancer. Here’s how to protect yourself during the never-ending Miami summer.

Make Sunblock Part Of Your Makeup Routine

Most ladies have a set makeup routine that they follow every morning. By adding a sun-protectant to your lotioning and foundation process, you will make skin care an essential step in leaving the house. You wouldn’t walk outside wearing everything but mascara, right? So why would you skip the sunblock?

Consider investing in a sunscreen that’s made specifically for your face. It won’t feel as thick as other sunblocks and should be gentler on your pores.

Find Sunscreen That Smells Good

Many women avoid wearing sunscreen unless they’re lying by the pool because they don’t want to smell like coconuts or bananas all day. Most sunblocks have a distinctive smell that can make people think you just came from a water park.

To avoid this, try different brands and find a sunblock that smells and feels good on your skin. You can find higher-end sunblocks that are either odorless or perfumed and will feel like you’re applying a normal lotion. This way you also won’t feel sticky throughout the day. If you find a sunblock that you enjoy, then you’re more likely to wear it.

Limit Your Time Poolside

During the summer, it’s easy to limit how much time you spend at the park, on the beach, or sitting outside. The strong rays drive you into the shade and back inside. However, the mild temperatures of winter can make you forget how strong the sun is until you’re already burned.

If you’re planning to be outside, make sure you set a timer to go inside after an hour or two. This way you won’t get distracted by a good book or fun activity and end up burnt. Your timer will tell you when it’s time to re-apply sunblock or call it a day before it’s too late.

If you’re worried that the sun is damaging your skin and making you age, make an appointment for our skin services today. We can recommend an exfoliation treatment or facial to make you look radiant and feel youthful again.

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