Love Yourself for Valentine’s Day

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There are two kinds of people in this world. There are people who hate Valentine’s Day with the fire of a thousand suns. These people mercilessly mock all those who celebrate such a corporate holiday.

Then, there are people who love it so much that they buy $8.50 singing greeting cards and 10-foot stuffed dogs holding hearts that say “I ruff you.” The significant others of the latter kind of people never seem quite as excited about Valentine’s Clifford as their partners, for some reason.

We don’t know which you are — but it doesn’t matter, because both groups always forget one thing on V Day: to love yourself! What better way to celebrate the day of love than to pamper the one person you really can’t live without — you.

The V Day Makeover: From Glum to Glam

A little down because you don’t have a Valentine this year? Improve your mood and your confidence with a full makeover. Experiment with a new hair color or cut, get your nails done, and top it off with a facial. Afterwards, don’t be surprised if you fall in love — with your new look, of course.

Spa Treatments: Love the Way You Feel

If you want something other than the typical ‘dinner and a movie’ plan this Valentine’s Day, why not make it about you?

Try something new that’s also good for you, like a full-body sugar scrub. The process is incredibly soothing, and your skin will never feel softer. Or try a hot stone massage — the stones promote an other-worldly level of muscle relaxation.

Have Galentine’s Day at the Salon

Have a single girlfriend or two who don’t have plans on V Day? Or maybe one whose significant other won’t be in town to celebrate? Invite them to the salon for a glammed-out Galentine’s (how is this not an official holiday?). Catch up on the latest in each other’s lives while you get mani/pedis and highlights. If you really want to show V Day who’s boss, take the “couple” out of “couple’s” massage and schedule one with a good friend. You’ll feel amazing afterwards, no romance necessary!

This February 14th, it’s about time you gave a little love to yourself. Schedule an appointment today for your Valentine’s Day of beauty.

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