Natural Hues: Babylights

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Natural Hues: Babylights

The inspiration for this season’s hottest hair color trend doesn’t come from the red carpet. Or the catwalk. It comes, believe it or not, from the cradle!

Babies are kind of spoiled when it comes to natural beauty. They already have flawless, silky-smooth skin, but, oh no, that’s not enough. They also have to have gorgeous natural highlights in their hair that just makes the rest of us feel bad about ourselves. Unless, of course, we can borrow their look. That’s exactly what you can do with babylights.

Babylights vs. Highlights: What’s the Diff?

If you look at a baby’s hair, you’ll see subtle, natural highlights that lighten and soften the hair’s appearance. Unlike highlights, babylights are very fine strands of color. No chunks or blocks. Think of them as micro-highlights. Maintenance-wise, you’ll be able to get away with much more time between salon visits than high-may highlights. The goal is to make them look as natural as possible, which minimizes the appearance of roots.

It’s all about Technique, Baby

Your colorist will do babylights a little differently from the traditional highlight technique. Your stylist will use plastic wrap or meche, most likely. You want to focus your babylights around your crown and hairline, making the ends of your hair a couple shades lighter than at the roots. With good technique, your hair will look softer and multi-dimensional rather than the sometimes stark look of highlights.

The Perfect Summer Look

When done right, babylights make your hair look like you just returned from a fabulous tropical vacation. Your locks will have a soft, sun-kissed look that’s nearly impossible to tell isn’t natural. Nothing says “summer hair” like babylights.

While we love the results of this technique on blondes especially, they work for all hair colors. Brunettes and redheads will also dazzle with babylights. For a slightly bolder look, have your stylist do heavier babylights. Alternatively, you could increase the contrast between your light ends and darker roots. But, remember, the baby look is all natural and all subtlety.

Babylights require a pretty nuanced application, so you don’t want to trust just anyone. If you’re ready to channel your inner baby, make an appointment with us to schedule your coloring.

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