Ronze: An Updated Take on Bronde for Blondes

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Just when you’d mastered the perfect shade of bronde, you find out your favorite celebs have moved on. Now, ronze is the new bronde. If you’re a natural blonde or redhead, ronze — a combination of copper red and bronze brunette — just might be the sexiest color for you. It’s the pumpkin spice latte of hair.

It’s so Ronze, It’s Right

You don’t have to take our word for how red-hot ronze is right now. Just look at the red — in more ways than one — carpet. You’ll see the likes of Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain, Rihanna, Amy Adams, and Katy Perry sporting ronze locks. The great thing about ronze is that it’s a little deeper and more natural-looking than dyes based on orange or bluish reds. That means it will work on you whether your skin is warm or cool.

Ronze is In, Bronde is Out

To get this look, you’ll need hair that is medium-brunette at the darkest. Look for hair dye that’s a mixture of bronze, amber, and copper red tones. If you’re a natural redhead, you can add amaretto-like tones to add a bronzy finish. For the best results, ronze usually requires a combination of both permanent and semi-permanent hair color.

The Perfect Ronze

Although ronze can flatter almost any skin type, your skin tone will influence how deep and/or bronzy you should go. Here’s a quick guide to help you and your stylist pick the perfect shade of ronze based on your skin:

• Dark (like RiRi): go with a darker ronze that is based on bluish shades if you have a dark or olive complexion.

• Medium (like Kim K.): the warmer, the better with medium skin tones. An amber-based bronze will look especially dazzling with your skin.

• Fair (like Julianne Moore): pale, cool complexions look incredible with strong copper hues. If you’re already a redhead, try a color gloss to magnify your color.

Going ronze usually takes two or three hair colors, which can be difficult to combine if you’re not experienced. Make an appointment today to let one of our hair-color pros help you go ronze the right way.

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