Secret Revealed: Transform Any Lip into a Matte

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Let’s get down to the heart of the matter: glossy is out; matte is in. The dewy, shiny lips that we’ve all been lusting after all these years are over. A matte lip is the new gloss. No more dealing with the sticky, teeth-smearing mess of gloss! Now here’s some more good news: you can transform just about any lip color into a matte, and we’re going to tell you how!

Refor-Matte Any Lip Color

Sorry, we just can’t help ourselves with the cheesy “matte” puns. So if you don’t currently have any matte lipsticks, no problem. We can teach you a trick that will see you through until you can find the perfect matte shade.

Step 1: apply your favorite shade.

Step 2: blot with a tissue.

Step 3: rub your finger in a translucent powder.

Step 4: apply the powder to your lips until the shine is gone.

Step 5: dab a little extra powder on the center of your lower lip with a runway-worthy matte pout.

Lips Like Kylie

To see Kylie Jenner’s lips is to know what envy is. Kylie’s perfect matte lips were so universally coveted that she decided to come out with the Kylie Lip Kit, a liquid lipstick and lip liner duo. The Kylie Lip Kit was a smash hit, so Kylie then decided to launch Kylie Cosmetics. The line specializes in lip cosmetics and offers Kylie Lip Kits in metals, glosses, and, most importantly, mattes.

Kylie’s matte line includes eight shades: purples, browns, bright reds, pale pinks, and hot pinks. Currently, all eight matte shades are sold out online. But, if you’re interested, you’re in luck— Just ask us about Kylie Cosmetics in our salon!

Ready to find Kylie’s perfect matte shade for you? Make an appointment with one of our makeup artists to see what works best for you.

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