Spa Day Gift for Valentine’s Day

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Always thought traditional Valentine’s Day gifts were a little hokey? We’re right there with you. If roses are a symbol of love, isn’t it kind of a bad sign that they always die four days later? And who really needs a stuffed Valentine dog the size of a Smart car?!

Dare to think outside of the heart-shaped box this Valentine’s Day and give your beloved the gift of glam: A couple’s spa day at Bella Vita. We have an impressive array of services that you can custom pick just for your Valentine.

Enjoy the Relaxation and Romance of a Couple’s Massage

A couple’s massage is the perfect way to unwind with your loved one (side note: it’s also not a bad way to set the mood for a romantic evening!). The healing hands of our massage therapists will help you both relieve tension so you look and feel incredible.

We have several massages for you and your Valentine to choose from. Our most popular couple’s option is the Swedish massage. That massage lasts a blissful hour and focuses on relaxing the entire body. We also offer a deep-tissue massage, perfect if you and your honey want to relieve chronic muscle tension.

Last but not least, we have our hot stone massage. Here, the masseuse will place water-heated stones on your body in key places, also incorporating a personalized massage. This is a treat your loved one will be forever thankful for!

Get Your Glam on before You Head out to Dinner

If you’re planning a special V-Day dinner together, you’ll both want to look your best. So why not include a mani/pedi and a facial in your couple’s spa day? Ladies, you know your man’s feet could use some serious help, and we’re happy to take one for the team and spruce ‘em up a bit. By the time we’re done with you, the candles won’t be the only things glowing at your dinner table that night.

Don’t bore your Valentine this year with the same old clichéd gifts. Trade the stuffed animals and rotting flowers in for an unforgettable spa day with us at Bella Vita. Reserve your spots today.

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