Strobing: The New Contouring

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If you’ve ever admired the flawless look of celebrities like J. Lo, you’ve seen the wonders of well-done contouring. The thing is, unless you have a team of experienced, dedicated, and fabulous makeup artists at your side every morning, that look can be hard for us commoners to replicate! Now here comes the best news you’ve heard all week — complicated contouring is out; strobing is in. And you won’t believe how easy it is.

Strobing: The Latest Rage on the Clubbing Circuit or a Makeup Hack?

We know “strobing” sounds like a lighting technique at a rave, but it’s actually our new favorite makeup hack. Strobing can give you definition comparable to that of contouring, but with far less effort, time, and skill. While a full contour can sometimes create an overly harsh, chiseled look, strobing gives you a dewy look that sparkles in just the right spots.

Strobe Out!

Gone are the days where you had to cover your face with bronzer and blush until it looked like you were wearing war paint. Now, all you’ll need is an illuminating highlighter. You want a subtle look, so if you have fair skin, go with champagne tones. Light-medium skin, pink champagne tones. Olive-skinned girls, go with golden tones. Dark-skinned ladies, go with terracotta.

For every day wear, dab the highlighter on the places of your face that light would naturally hit: your lips, cheekbones, and the bridge of your nose. For a more striking look, also apply highlighter below your brow bone, the center of your forehead, your chin, the end of your nose, and at the corners of your eyes. Blend with a sponge or your fingers for a dazzling, just-finished-an-antioxidant-cleanse glow.

Having a professional handle your strobing for you the first time around will show you the tips and tricks to use for the perfect glimmer. Book an appointment with one of our makeup artists to see how easy it can be.

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