Summer Hairstyles to Beat the Miami Heat

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Think you can beat the Miami heat? Not “Heat” with a capital “H” — the answer would definitely be “no” then! After all, our guys finished third in the Eastern Conference this year. Fortunately, we mean “heat” with a little “h.” The Miami heat may be intense, but it’s nothing you can’t survive with the right hairstyle.

I Can See Your Halo, Halo Braid

Having hair on your neck or forehead in 90-degree heat with 90 percent humidity will leave your hair a frizzy, drenched mess if it doesn’t drive you crazy first. An elegant and catwalk-inspired style that addresses both of those problems is the halo braid. This heavenly style may look complicated, but there’s not much to it once you practice a little.

First, make a side part in your hair. Next, braid that strand, keeping the strands taught. Plait the braid all the way to your ends and hold it in place with a no-snag band. Now repeat for the other side of your head so you have two braided pigtails. Finally, take your right braid to the left and do the opposite for the left braid.

The Heat Is….Off

Remember that old song “The Heat Is On”? If so, now forget it and everything it stands for. This summer, your motto is “the heat is off.” Heat-styling in a Miami summer is downright masochistic. You need a style that doesn’t require blow-dryers, curling irons, flat irons, and other instruments of temperature torture.

Try to create waves and curls without relying on heat. For example, you can scrunch your hair with moose when it’s damp for BoHo waves. Alternatively, try braiding your hair, leaving it overnight, and then removing the braids in the morning.

Cool Down with the Updo

Almost any updo is a great way to keep cool. Don’t feel like you have to go to formal-occasion lengths, though. One fun, quick style we love is the “twist n’ pin.” Simply twist up as many strands of your hair as you like and pin them to the top of your head. Or you can tease a ponytail at the top of your head and twist into a poofy bun we call “the cotton candy bun.”

The only way the perfect summer hairstyle can get any better is if a professional does it for you. Make an appointment with one of our stylists to learn how to do this season’s hottest, yet coolest, hairstyles.

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