Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Oh My! What’s The Difference Between These Types of Massages?

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hot stone massage

Bella Vita offers not one but three types of massages to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. The only problem you might have with our massage offerings is which one to choose! Looking at the options, you may see a confusing potpourri of titles involving Sweden, stones, and deep tissues, oh my! While it’s tough to go wrong with any of our massages, choosing the right one for you depends mostly on what you’re hoping to get out of your session.

The Tried-and-True: Swedish Massage

This is also known as a “traditional” massage. Swedish massages concentrate on your superficial muscles to soothe away tension with long, gliding strokes. Swedish massages are just what the doctor ordered for everyday muscle stress – hello office job! They are also ideal for getting your juices flowing, literally—Swedish massages help stimulate the circulation of your blood and lymph. This type of massage is perfect if relaxation is your top priority.

Hot Stone Massages: They Totally Rock

Masseuses actually use the same strokes in a hot stone massage that they would in a Swedish massage, but they perform them with hot stones instead of their hands. The stones allow the masseuse to get more depth more quickly for more intense pressure. The feeling of smooth, warm stones on your skin is also oh-la-la divine, as your muscle tension will simply melt away. The hot stone experience is perfect if you want a slightly deeper version of the Swedish massage. Just remember that the stones limit how much of your body your therapist can access comfortably.

Deep Tissue Massages: The Jock Massage

These massages concentrate on your body’s connective tissue, which are the tiny fibers that hold your skin, muscles, and other parts together. Working out the connective tissue makes your muscles suppler, longer, and more flexible. We call this our jock massage because it’s ideal if your aches and pains are related to muscle overuse or injury rather than day-to-day tension. A deep tissue massage can be just as healing as a pain reliever and a chardonnay for chronic pain. Not to mention a whole lot easier on your liver!

In the gifted hands of our massage therapists, it’s unlikely that you’ll have anything less than a heavenly experience no matter which massage you choose. One’s thing for sure: you’ll walk out feeling relieved, relaxed, and replenished. Ready for some R&R? Book an appointment with the massage therapists at Bella Vita.