The Essie Color Guide For Your Skin Tone

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Are you guilty of choosing nail polish based on its name? We’ve all walked out of the salon with “Kiss Me Pink,” on our fingers because we were torn between multiple shades and the name was a deal-breaker. However, there’s a science when choosing the perfect polish. Smart fashionistas can find the best shades that complement their skin tones and make the polish colors work for them. Essie created a guide for determining what colors will look best on your nails.

Bright Pinks Contrast Fair Skin Tones

If you’re known for your pale skin and deep Irish roots, then bright colors are your best option when it comes to nail polish. Vibrant pinks, magentas, and reds will add a pop of color and contrast your fair skin. If you’re not known for choosing dramatic polish colors, work your way up. Pick a color that’s just outside your comfort zone and see what you think. After a few weeks, you should be comfortable with a dramatic fuchsia or coral.

Play Up Light or Dark for Medium Skin Tones

The team at Essie found a variety of colors that flatter people with medium skin tones. This is because the nail polish either adds a light contrast to the skin or cools it with a darker hue. The skin balances out almost any shade the wearer chooses. Two of the main colors they picked were a brown metallic polish for a neutral tone that still has some excitement and a pastel blue that brightens — even though it’s a cool color. As you can see, the key to choosing a successful nail polish hue is balance.

Consider Rich Purples and Lavenders for Dark Skin Tones

Purple is the color of royalty, which explains why you might be drawn to maroons, purples, and lavenders if you have a dark skin tone. People with fair skin struggle to pull off this color because it was made to pair with darker skin. Consider dark maroon if you want a more muted shade, or brighten up your nails with a bold lavender or bright purple. There are so many hues to choose from that you can easily find a flattering color for your needs.

The great thing about nail polish is that it doesn’t last long. Even if you choose a color that isn’t flattering, you’re able to choose a better option in a few weeks. Make an appointment today to find the perfect polish for your skin tone, and experiment with other hues along the way.

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