Many of our clients ask about our spray tan services because they’re concerned about their health. They worry about the long-term effects of laying out in the sun and want to know if our tanning chemicals are safer. While every method of tanning comes with some level of risk, we always recommend spray tanning over laying out in the sun for people who want a younger, healthier looking glow.

Spray Tans Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer

Getting the perfect tan can take hours even in the Florida sun. While you’re baking by the pool to get that perfect glow, you’re actually increasing your risk of skin cancer. UV rays harm your skin and damage your skin cells, increasing the cancers of getting cancer. Even if you’re wearing a strong sun-block with UV protection, the damage is likely done.

While it’s not a health perk, laying in the sun for hours can get uncomfortable in the summer. Spray tans only take a few minutes and can be done in the air-conditioned spa of Bella Vita.

Laying Out Makes You Look Older

While lying out in the sun might give you the natural glow that you crave, it could have a nasty side effect. Researchers have found that lying in the sun causes premature aging in the form of wrinkles or leathery-looking skin. Tanning by the sun dries out your skin — no matter how much lotion you apply — and can make you look older than you are.

Even if the safety reasons to get a spray tan aren’t enough to sway you, the risks of looking old and wrinkly should. Plus, many spray tans have perfected a natural glow that closely mimics a suntan.

Safety Is an Important Factor for Spray Tans

Some health expert has raised questions about the chemical DHA, or dihydroxyacetone, which can be cancerous if it enters the bloodstream. However, many medical professionals believe exposure to DHA — which is found in all spray tans — in safe in small doses. However, this is why protective goggles, ear plugs, and mouth gear are all important when getting a spray tan. These safety features ensure that the DHA stays out of your body so you can look radiant and stay healthy.

The next time you wish your skin was a few shades darker, don’t run out to the pool. Instead, schedule an appointment with the specialists at Bella Vita to spray on the perfect tan for you!

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