The Perfect Bridal Spa Day? Right This Way…

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bridal spa day and nails

Let’s face it: Between dealing with seating-chart drama and the constant battle of trying to keep everyone happy, spa treatments are probably the very last thing on your wedding day’s to-do list. Still, despite the potential for last-minute craziness, there’s a ton to be said for actually chilling out before you head down the aisle. How to cram the best effects into the most manageable time frame? Clear your morning schedule, take a cue from our spa specialists, and give these sessions a whirl. The big day really is all about you, after all.

Early Morning: Hot Stone Massage

What’s the easiest way to keep stress at bay? An hour-long massage should do the trick. Start your morning with one of these beauties, and you’ll be in a refreshed headspace faster than you can say “I do”.

Morning: Pre-Makeup Facial

We’ve all heard the old adage about the blushing bride. Want to add glowing to that adjective list? Settle in for a rejuvenating facial before your makeup artist even unpacks her brushes. The botanicals will leave your skin looking smooth, supple and beyond healthy.

Late Morning: Full-Body Sugar Scrub

Of course, the rest of your body needs some exfoliating love too, and an hour-long sugar scrub is the best way to turn up the overall radiance to 11. Plus, it’s just as relaxing as a massage, so you won’t even have a chance to start worrying about whether the caterer showed up on time.

Noon: Luxurious Mani-Pedi

Your left hand is basically the star of the wedding show, so those nails should be on point. Go for the full mani-pedi treatment with paraffin dips while you’re at it; after all, you need to be sandal-ready for that honeymoon, right?

Ready to book your bridal oasis? Let the spa experts at Bella Vita help you put together the ideal retreat for your perfect day.