Update Your Nails to Match the Upcoming Summer

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Summer is the season for bright colors, dramatic fashion, and experimenting with new looks. Nail shades that you might coyly put away during fall or winter seem exciting and perfect for your summer activities. No glitter is too much, no neon is too bright! Check out these four hot nail trends that you should try the next time you want something new.

MultiColor Nails

The editors at Elle are raving about multicolored glitter nails, which take glitter to the next level by turning your fingers into a rainbow. Not only are these nails bright and eye-catching — a fashion statement on their own — they also go with anything. Whether you’re wearing neutral colors that your nails contrast against or donning a neon crop top for a night out, your nails are sure to compliment your look and attract attention.

Day-Glo Neons

Speaking of the neon crop top that you’re probably rocking this summer, why not pick out a few of your favorite neon colors to compliment your beach bikinis and warm sundresses? Contrast your light pink wardrobe with a dramatic metallic blue or try an orange shade instead of your classic pink. These nails will look great when you’re Instagramming your Boba tea or fruit smoothies by the pool.

Natural Nails With Splashes of Color

Last year we saw a rise of neutral space used for nails, where dramatic lines and colors popped against your natural nail color. This continues to be a hot trend on the spring runways. If you’re not comfortable drawing simple lines or patterns with no background color, consider choosing a base that closely matches your nail’s skin tone.

While these nails look edgy, they can also look sloppy if they’re not done well. You don’t want people to think the only reason half your nail is painted is because you picked the other half off.

Dramatic Reds

If you rock retro sunglasses and dramatic va-va-voom dresses, consider reaching for a bright cherry red for your nails. Pair them with an equally bright lipstick to turn heads when you hit the pool or set out for a night with friends.

Reds are almost always in season, you just have to know which shade to choose. Dark reds that are almost maroon are ideal for winter, while bright reds and corals can pop for summer. Don’t worry about going too bright with your choice either — remember, neon is also in!

If you’re ready to experiment with a fun new nail trend or want an expert’s hand to create the perfect pattern, make an appointment today so your nails look fantastic all summer long.

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