Waxing Tips for Summer

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Warmer weather means fewer layers and more skin, leaving unwanted hair few places to hide. Soon, your bikini will be calling your name, but is your skin ready for the unveiling? Bella Vita offers several different waxing treatments that will help you get your skin hairless and smooth for summer.

She’s Got Legs, and She Knows How to Wax Them

Shaving your legs is a chore no woman looks forward to. If you want totally smooth legs, you probably have to shave every one or two days. Who can keep up with that?! Waxing your legs gives you smoother, razor-burn-free skin that stays hairless for longer. If you just want smooth legs for shorts weather, try our half-leg wax. To get bikini ready, though, we recommend our full-leg wax.

Get Bikini-Ready

We offer three different options for your bikini area. If your bikini doesn’t expose much, a basic bikini waxing will get you all set for the beach. If, on the other hand, your bikini doesn’t leave much to the imagination, you might prefer our Brazilian bikini waxing. Our most thorough option is our Playboy waxing, which we offer for a slightly higher price than our Brazilian.

Feel the Difference

A poorly done wax can leave your skin irritated and damaged. Our aestheticians use only the highest-quality wax that won’t irritate your skin. We also don’t recycle our wax, which means you get a fresh batch every time. You’ll have your choice of hard wax or traditional waxing products. Don’t forget to let your hair grow to at least a quarter of an inch and to use an exfoliating scrub on the area you’re going to get waxed beforehand.

Summer will be here before you know it, so don’t delay! Contact us to make an appointment for the waxing service of your choice.

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