What Eyebrow Shape Is Right for You?

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We’ve all had the experience of seeing an outfit or a haircut that looks fantastic on one of our friends, trying it ourselves, and having it look nothing like it did on her! The tough lesson learned from those experiences is that haircuts and ensembles are not one-size-fits-all. The same goes for eyebrows—the brow shape that opens up your eyes and perfectly frames your face might look all wrong on someone else. The secret is to tailor your brows to complement your face shape.

Square Face: Slightly Rounded Brows

Square jaws add strong angles to the face. It’s then the job of the brows to balance that with a softer, rounded shape. Avoid harsh angles and overplucking — the pencil-thin rainbow eyebrow shape won’t flatter your face either.

Round Face: Dramatic Arches

The advice for round-faced ladies is just the opposite — you want a dramatic, high arch to balance your face. Round faces tend to have less structure and definition to them. A high arch in your brows can help draw out the bone structure and contours of your face that otherwise might not shine through.

Long Face: Long Tails

The usual rule of thumb is to extend the tails of your brows to the outer corners of your eyes. For long-faced girls, though, extending the tail out horizontally even more is especially flattering. The longer tail will help showcase the horizontal portions of your face to balance out its length. Just don’t go overboard — taking the tail out too far can pull your eyes down.

Heart-Shaped Face: Well-Manicured

The natural, caterpillar eyebrows of women like Cara Delevingne may be really hot right now, but they are a heart-shaped face’s worst nightmare. Heart-shaped faces look best with well-groomed eyebrows without too much thickness to them. While you want to avoid bushiness of any kind, remember that pencil thin eyebrow shape also isn’t a good look for anyone.

Oval Face: Classic

A traditional brow shape with a subtle arch looks best on oval faces. Just make sure your brow starts at the right point. To figure out where that is, hold a pencil to the sides of your nose.

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