What’s the Most Flattering Nail Shape for You?

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Stop us if you’ve heard this story before. One of your friends gets a haircut, and it looks unbelievably fabulous. So you decide to get it too, only to discover that it looks revolting with your face shape. Or maybe you got “The Rachel” back in ‘97 and then realized it takes Rachel to pull off “The Rachel”.

Our point is that hair style is highly individual, and nail shape is no different. What looks amazing on your nails might look like a hot mess on your BFF’s nails and vice versa. Here are a few tips to set you on the right path.

Rounded for the Old-Fashioned (or Weak-Nailed) Girl

Rounded nails have fallen out of favor, but you can’t deny their functionality. Rounded tips are harder to tear and chip, which makes them ideal if your nails are brittle. Rounded also works with short nails. Plus everything comes back in after a while…who knows, maybe rounded nails will be the next ‘50s nerd glasses.

It’s Hip to be Square

Square nails are filed flat on the top and straight on the sides to create—wait for it—a square. If your nails are mid-length, square is an attractive option. You need enough length for the squared tip of your nail to show above your fingertip. Ladies with long nails should avoid square shapes—they look like blunted talons.

Square/Round Nails: The Ice Cream Swirl of the Nail World

If you can’t decide between vanilla and chocolate ice cream, you’d get the swirl. The square/round look offers the same compromise—square on the sides and rounded at the top. This is most flattering on mid-length nails.

Oval Nails: The Perfect Nail Canvas

If you’re obsessed with nail art, the oval shape makes the most accommodating canvas. This shape is also versatile enough to look good with every length.

Stiletto: Channel Your Inner Maleficent

So stiletto nails are exactly what they sound like—the sides of your nail are angled sharply to form a point at the tip. First off, you have to have really long nails to make this work. Second, you have to have the personality to match. Picture the stiletto nails of AJ’s Maleficent. Old Mally is the perfect woman to rock the stiletto shape—she’s bold and confident with just the right amount of sassy.

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